At Seismic, our open and hyper-collaborative process is what yields results. We gain focus alongside curiosity. We are dedicated to our rigorous science and determined to have impact for patients. Doing it all, together, is what keeps us going. Let’s fuse our ideas and open the door to the uncharted.

to do more.
Being a Seismonaut means being relentlessly curious, open, transparent, and decisive. But above all, putting the team first. Here’s how we do it:
At Our Core
We have our eyes on the prize - combining a level of accountability with exceptional, exciting science, but we also have a serious respect for our goals and believe in our people.
In Our Approach
We are open to the possibilities of the new and the uncharted. We fully believe that our impact on the drug discovery paradigm directly correlates to our willingness to embrace curiosity.
In Our Process
We believe our hyper-collaborative style provides a fertile ground for discovery, having a positive impact both inside and outside of Seismic.

While we are focused on this new era of drug discovery, our main focus is our why: creating IMPACT for patients.

We need you on our team.

Get Inspired at Seismic.

A Space for Seismic Discovery

Shifting the horizon requires creating the right environment for our Seismonauts to thrive. Our space fosters the inclusivity and integration we run on – with open collaborative work areas that allow cross- pollination of interests and departments. However, setting the stage for success goes beyond our galaxy walls. Seismic offers a competitive benefits package that is structured to create balance and maintain the expertise and talent we need on our mission.

Be an IMPACTor

Our team of Seismonauts is passionate about shifting things for the better, not only in developing breakthrough medicines, but also in making a difference to the causes and communities that matter to us.

Our IMPACTor Leaders show us the way. As an employee-led collaborative, IMPACTors initiate social events, elevate diversity awareness, and host philanthropic and volunteer activities. These initiatives are proudly started within Seismic, but have profound impact in the community.


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